Periodic Building and Commercial Cleaning in Dubai

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Weekly Procedures of Cleaning

Dry ice blast cleaningIf you are planning to get a crystal clear building of your workplace remains the same, it is necessary to perform a deep cleaning process on a weekly basis. Dusting, sweeping and moping is a day to day thing happen in all offices. On weekly cleaning you can choose a professional team who can remove the desk, cubicles, filing cabinets, shelve a little bit to clear underneath. They can also clean the trash cans filling up with weekly unused items and replace a high quality 10-15 gallons size of a trash bag.

Wiping of desk, calculators, telephone and keyboard of your computers is also necessary for weekly clean up routine. Later on, a disinfectant is required to be sprayed over all of these things with the help of a wipe or microfiber cloth to kill all the susceptible germs that can cause the diseases.

The dusting of door jambs, cooling vents, windows sills, and ledges is also performed.

Tiles and hard surface floors are required to be mopped on daily basis. In a weekly cleaning, you can have cubicle walls remove to clean the surface thoroughly.

If the office has carpet, daily vacuuming is required but on weekly basis a deep wedge mats and runners cleaning with a germicide solution is necessary. All these things can be easily done with the help of Dry Ice Method.

Monthly Procedures of Cleaning

Periodic building commercial cleaningIn this process, you have to take care of all the dispensers, hand dryers, wall mounted units and fixed items in your restroom and anywhere else in a commercial setup. All the vertical surfaces need your attention. Disinfection of every unit and corner is necessary. Polishing of desk with a high-quality solution is recommended. You can also use glass cleaning sprays to shine them up. All windows, cooling and heating vent requires deep down cleanup.

Semi-Annual or Quarterly Cleaning

Now that it has been months of sweeping and mopping, all you need is a thorough cleaning which leaves your facility sparkle. There are various methods available for building and commercial cleaning in Dubai - Optimum Dry Ice Cleaning offers a time consuming and affordable method of thorough cleaning. By the utilization of dry ice pellets, you can have a disinfected, dustless, glowing area at any part of your workplace including, walls, building surfaces within no time. It will also clean the unreachable area of your commercial setup.