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Property consultants companySince the sale and purchase of land is an expensive and valued ordeal, it has come to be strictly regulated, subject to application of rules and taxes, and requires an overall degree of caution and diligence during finalization.

As real estate becomes a more attractive investment option and career goal, there are many services that have sprung up recently, to make it easier for buyers and sellers to undergo smooth transactions.

Some of these services include surveys, valuations, inspections, and building checks. Each of these services has a unique purpose, designed to deliver what the buyers and/or sellers are looking for.

Property consultancy services in dubai - Majlis Properties may also be able to assist in certain simple legal formalities related to land.

Property Valuation

This service has to do with ascertaining the value of a property. It is useful not only for ordinary buyers and sellers, giving them an accurate figure as to the pricing, but also great for avenues such as mortgages and loans, since it provides an independent price tag for the house.

A valuation and a survey are not the same thing, therefore a valuation must not be treated as a testament to the standard and good condition of the house.

Property Surveys

Property Surveys on the other hand are thorough and unbiased assessments regarding the condition of the property. It is not limited to houses, but may also apply to apartments and buildings.

Surveys For Homes

Property consultancy services in DubaiAs the name suggests, house surveys, also called homebuyers report, as inspections of the property for the use of the buyer, so that they may become aware of the faults with the property, and therefore get the sellers to remedy them.

This is the more suitable option for when the property is not too old, and is unlikely to have any unusual structural problems.

It also costs a lot less than some other types of inspections pertaining to buildings.

Some of the things a surveyor will be able to share with you include if you should buy the property, which is a suitable price for it, and sometimes also guide you on the legal paperwork you should arrange.

What Needs To Be Checked?

Surveyors will assess the property for signs of damage and fault, or sometimes even bad craftsmanship and inadequate repairs.

These aspects include looking at the general condition of the house, ascertaining the value of the house in the current market, the cost of major repairs in case of a disaster, signs of issues with the wood and other items such as pests and infestations, seepage issues concerning visible walls, and crack in areas that are important to the structural stability of the house.