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Scandinavian InteriorScandinavian style has neither beginning nor end in the history of interior design. It exists since the formation of modern in Northern Europe. Almost all Scandinavian countries have similar climate and lifestyle. Therefore, the interior design of these countries has common features and characteristics.

Warm, cozy and comfortable home has always been a symbol of success and prosperity for all the peoples of Scandinavia.

As a full-fledged trend in design and architecture, Scandinavian style appeared in the XIX century. The basic idea that governs all the principles of Scandinavian style is: « More beautiful things every day! »

In 1905 at the international exhibition in the United States and Canada Scandinavian style managed to attract everyone's attention.

In the modern world this style is popular and in high demand, along with Japanese, English and Italian. If you are interested in this interior design you can order commercial interior design from Imperial, performed in Scandinavian style today!

This style embodies the nature and principles of life of Northern people. It harmoniously combines the beauty, simplicity and naturalness.

Distinctive Features of Scandinavian StyleScandinavian Style

  • Predominance of light tones (except white color) like shades of beige, yellow, blue and green. Bright, saturated colors are also present, but only in small elements.
  • Clean lines and minimum of decoration and unnecessary ornamentation.
  • An abundance of light. Daylight and bright light from lamps or chandeliers is preferred.
  • The use of mirrors, sometimes their size can be very large.
  • Large houseplants.
  • The furniture is simple and functional.
  • Soft furniture. It is a kind of business card of Scandinavian style in the interior. Comfortable chairs, couches and beds . All the forms, finishes and layout of furniture conducive to good rest and sleep.
  • Light, invisible ceilings and floors. Warm rugs or animal skins on the floor.
  • Light curtains or blinds. Drapes are not welcome.
  • The absence of any artistic drawings on fabrics and hard surfaces.
  • Family photos and handmade beautiful jewelry.
  • Stone fireplace, which embodies all the sanctity and warmth of home.
  • All elements of the interior are very convenient to use and functional.
  • A lot of fur and warm blankets.
  • Only environmentally friendly materials: light wood, ceramics, glass, metal, natural fabrics (linen, cotton wool).Scandinavian Interior Design