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Business Visa Application in DubaiDubai has different visa rules for the tourist visa, short-term visa, long-term, multiple long terms, work permit. The rules also vary for different nationalities for example people who carry Antigua and Barbuda passport are different from those who come from Africa. But the following are mandatory -

  • The Labour Card - Foreigners who are allowed to work in Dubai MUST possess a work or Dubai business visa, known as Labour Card to work there legally. The exceptions are students who have taken up some form of an internship as part of their student visa or females who are under the sponsor of a male relative.
  • Nationality – People from the USA and Europe have the advantage of a visa-free entry to Dubai. However such entry is for a limited period and does not allow any business activities to be undertaken. Most of the other nationalities require a visa to enter and carry on any business activities.
  • Employer Role - If a foreign national has got a job in Dubai, then in most of the cases it is the responsibility of the employer to apply for the visa and liaison with the immigration department. Alternately the employer can also apply for a work entry private sector visa.
  • Long-term visa - If the employment is for a period of 3 years then a residency visa has to be applied for. This is because most of the work permit visa will expire within 90 days. A residency visa is important to open a bank account or to get a driving license. For the same, the employer again has to do the needful.
  • Seaman Colombus ToursMedical tests - To get a work visa, the required medical tests need to be cleared for any contagious or sexually transmitted diseases. If the incumbent fails to clear the medical test, then they will be deported.

What documents are needed?

Documents needed for this process are -

  • Passport copy which has six-month validity beyond the expected duration of stay
  • Completed visa application form with the specified fees
  • Passport size color photographs
  • Bank approval letter

In almost all the scenarios the onus is on the employer to get the visa clearance. They have to make an application to the Dubai immigration department specifying the details of the business registration and justifying that the role could not be filled locally.