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So, you’ve been longing to charter a luxury yacht, and you’ve heard that Dubai has a lot of luxury yacht rental companies to boot. A luxury yacht party like the ones you see on your screens is pure bliss and fun. But what are the things that you should keep in mind if you want to have the best experience? Whether you’re getting a Yacht party invitation is for the summer, or you are planning one. A fancy sailing party on-board a yacht on the serene Arabian sea is worth the while. However, you should consider certain factors to ensure that the party is memorable.

Number of Party Invites

Always keep in mind the number of invites you are sending out for the party. Not only will it help the yacht charter company to take the appropriate measures, but it will also help you serves your guests in a better manner. Avoid any possible confrontation or confusion by honestly declaring the number of guests you're expecting. For a large party, the company will organize a more extensive yacht hire in Dubai Marina for your party cruise.

Yacht Hire In Dubai Marina

The Destination for The Party

Dubai is renowned for its incredible sky & coastline; a luxury yacht cruise will allow you to marvel at the Emirate’s iconic attractions at your own comfort. From a comforting cruise through Downtown Dubai to a three-try trip to Oman, finding an experienced crew who is completely knowledgeable about these routes can further enhance your trip. A top luxury charter yachts rental provider such as www.sevenyachts.ae can help you navigate these beautiful waters.

Type of Party

What party are you planning to have on the yacht? Work with the crew to ensure everything is set up according to the type of party you have in mind. It could be a wedding anniversary, a corporate event or to celebrate your professional career growth. Whatever it is, communication is vital. Have a sit down with the crew to see how best they can help to ensure everything from the décor to the dress code is intentional. All in all, expect a blast.

Types Party On Yacht

Entertainment Amenities

Do you want a sundeck, flybridge, and a gym or a Jacuzzi and a wet bar for relaxation? Be sure to ask, after understanding your guest's preferences. Also, check out whether watersport equipment such as Jet Skis and Banana Boats are made available. Also, what music does your guest like, do they prefer mixes? If so, organize to have a DJ on deck to ensure the party is a total turn up for your guests.

Meals Available

Having the right kind of menu is always going to make all the difference. Keep the weather and guest preference in mind, don’t request cold meals on a cold day. Also, the number of food matters as well. If you are renting for a considerable length of time, then keep the quantity enough as people get hungry very soon. Choose the right meals and the accompaniment for your event. You can even organize to have a chef of your choice for the party.