Engineering Services

EngineeringPremiere Interiors offer a variety of engineering services: consultative, technological and construction engineering.

Consultative services are intellectual works in a field of object projection, construction planning and operation supervision. They are represented by a technical documentation, survey results, calculations, recommendations and design intent. In other words, it is passive and active management of project realization without actual construction performance.

Technological engineering is aimed at delivery of necessary technologies and means for actual construction and building.





Engineering servicesThe most popular type of engineering service is construction engineering, which can be identified as building works supervision. The service includes:

  • delivery terms and conditions maintenance

  • construction schedule accomplishment

  • design specifications and estimates coordination

  • finishing and mechanical works acceptance

  • service quality compliance

  • claims formulation on defective equipment and materials

  • operational reports and journals examination

  • testing of installed equipment and systems

Solid experience of Premiere Interiors engineering department is a guarantee of qualitative and durable services. We recommend to apply for construction engineering in case a new ventilation, heating or canalization systems are developed. It is important for such arrangements to be documentary registered before an actual construction. It is also essential for these procedures to be professionally maintained and managed in order to create a comfortable living environment.