Construction Services

ConstructionPremiere Interiors provides a wide range of construction services due to unification of numerous experts in focused specializations. Low-rise related construction works represent the widest service variety. These services are relevant for an actual object construction and yard territory works:

  • construction waste disposal
  • landscape design works
  • fencing and pavement
  • irrigation systems installation
  • canalization development
  • polls, ponds and sauna building
  • terraces and gazebos erection


Construction servicesThe mentioned services are diversified, however, they can be delivered by one company. It is also convenient to apply for such construction services through Premiere Interiors, as:

  • buildings dismantling
  • premises projection
  • major construction works
  • interior finish
  • reconstruction and renovation
  • facade and roofing works

We create customer partnership on certain principles: work quantity identification, payment, responsibility. All of them are registered in a service agreement, which is an accurate strategic plan for all executive participants.

At the stage of project modification, a customer makes corrections, suggestions and approves the final project version. For those, who doesn't wish to get into technical operation details, we offer a 3D visualization model and provide a full explanation in simple terms. Our responsible approach guarantees a successful outcome of cooperation.

We are proud to use the latest technological tools in the construction field, as hi tech mixes, extra-strong materials and environmental friendly textures.

Our Partner Company:

-Hospitality Solutions deals in hospitality consultation in UAE. If you are looking for a restaurant to be designed as per your desire you can call them on your earliest