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Buying the desired size and quality mattress in Abu Dhabi can be difficult and customers don’t possess enough time to visit the show rooms.

Mattresses are the support system for your healthy sleep pattern. A bad mattress can affect the pressure points of your back and can cause severe ache.

Therefore bedandpillows.com is here with a band to deliver just the mattress you need at your doorstep. Bouncy latex and highly thick memory foams combine together to establish an accurate sleep surface at bedandpillows.com. Dream, lounge and sleep on it, you’ll love the quality we will provide leading you to our vast list of loyal customers. Our base and surface is absolutely comfy giving your body a subtle relief, a healthy ambiance cooling your body and relaxing your muscles. From a wide variety of options we worked though the confusions to create fewer and perfect type mattresses to cater comfort and calmness.

We at bedandpillows.com offer 5 types of well sewn, relaxing mattresses;

• Latex foam which regulates the temperature of your body in the scorch of days due to the presence of hypoallergenic latex in its composition providing you a crispy bounce.

• Pressure relief is obtained and retained by our high density, cutting edge memory foams making all your muscles relax as if you just got a massage.

• If you’re healthy and want the mattress to equally distribute all the weight you possess, we offer adaptive transition foam which exhibits a transition layer to maximize the equal weight distribution thorough.

• Add comfort layers in your foam by using durable support foam that adds a long lasting durability and strengthens the comfort layers.

• We offer a range of woven mattress covers sewn out of the finest quality fabric and thread that is not sold locally but is important from the countries you would love to go on your honeymoon.

The delivery experience at bedandpillows.com is one of its kind with a perfectly on time delivery to an ultimate and pleasurable unboxing that you will savvy the whole procedure solely with your pet even though you will definitely need a partner to arrange it into the frame of your bed to make it look perfect. Ordering is easy as a child’s play; all you need to do is go on a mattress you need and just add it to the cart, no delivery or assembly charges, literally! Even when the foam presses your curves softly upwards, the latex layer in our mattress is designed in such a way that it will let the air pass beneath your body which will let your blood flow freely and will regulate the body temperature. Just the right amount of bounce and the perfect amount of sink is guaranteed at bedandpillows.com because we researched and studied all possible things you would do in bed and engineered such a sleeping surface which will give you a cozy sleep that you will crave to snug in bed all day.

Have a Healthy Sleep and Contact Us Now.