Five Habits That Might Ruin Your Rental Car

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No one wants to part with more money to help in the repair of a rental car. But poor driving habits or negligence can make you fork out more. There are habits that we adopt as we learn how to drive. Some might seem negligible but in the long run, they might prove costly. How you drive determines how long your car lasts. It also determines your risk index when renting a car. Because Rental Cars UAE cares, here are some tips you should consider, to keep your car in shape for your trip to Dubai, UAE.

Revving a Cold Engine

Revving a Cold Engine

Doesn’t the sound of revving a cold engine psyche you up for the trip? But that can cost the engine and other components of the car. You should allow the engine to warm to avoid damage to the valves due to abrupt changes in temperature. This habit can also damage the engine because some parts might not be well lubricated. It can also affect the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Speed Driving Over Pot Holes

Speed breakers can be frustrating especially if you have been driving at a consistently high speed along a smooth terrain. The temptation is high to run over potholes or swerve around them. However, driving your car over potholes will ruin its stability and alignment as well. It is also possible to lose control and run into a ditch. For maximum maintenance, slow down and navigate through any rough terrain.

Improper Gear Shifting

When you want to squeeze the car into a tight parking spot or navigate sharp corners, it might be sensible to reverse and drive instantly. However, the strain on the drivetrain affects the stability of the car. It can also misalign the drivetrain. Over time, this may call for extra service and maintenance charges. If you had the car for a whole week or so, you may have to part with the amount to facilitate this.

Improper Gear Shifting

Consistent Emergency Braking

Speedy driving along the streets is common especially when the road is clear. But what do you do when you see red lights? Exerting the force of high RPM on your drivetrain is a sure way to damage a car over time. You should maintain a speed that gives you concentration and focus without consistent hand braking when you see red rights. The habit can ruin the engine, transmission system, suspension, and brakes due to the instant force application.

Driving the Clutch

Keeping your foot on the clutch to get more power is a common habit. But it can prove costly over time as it disengages the clutch and engages pressure plates creating unnecessary friction. The friction causes wear and tear on the clutch as well as the pressure plates. Over time, this may call to repair or replacement due to clutch failure or engine stalling.