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Dubai is a desert. The sun always shines hot and bright here. That is why the temperature is high in the daytime and it is unbearable. Swimming pools in Dubai are a necessity. Because at the beach, you are directly in front of a blazing sun that can cause a heat stroke at the most. So it is good to have an indoor swimming pool.

The swimming pool is a structure built to hold water for swimming and other leisure activities. In cities where the temperature never drops from 50C, it is a good way to escape the encroaching heat.

There are two types of swimming pools:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

Indoor pools

There are many advantages of having an indoor pool for example:

  • The weather does not affect your recreation. You can enjoy the pool even if it is raining outside.
  • It is easy to maintain because the amount of debris is less as compared to an outdoor pool.
  • Indoor pools give you a sense of privacy. You are surrounded by four walls so that is privacy enough.
  • Indoor pools use fewer chemicals because they are sheltered from the UV radiation of the sun.

Outdoor pools

  • They make your backyard more inviting.
  • Nothing beats swimming under the sun.
  • You can get your desired tan alongside the pool.
  • You can get vitamin D that gives you strong bones and strong immune system.
  • They are much cheaper to build than the indoor pools because you don’t need to cover them.

Why should you have a swimming pool at home in the first place?

  1. Family time: a swimming can promise you games, laughter and lots of games that means lots and lots of family time.
  2. Fitness: it is proven that swimming can help you remain fit. So, when you have your own swimming pool, you don’t have to make excuses to not to go to the gym.
  3. Stress life: the life is becoming more and more stressful. So swimming can give you the stress relief from the tension that is taking roots.
  4. Party spot: you can improve your social skills by arranging parties and different events at the poolside through inviting your neighbours.
  5. Home value: a research showed that a swimming pool can increase the value of your home by 5%
  6. A swimming pool can become the reason your child stay at home. It is really difficult to make a child stay at home but a swimming pool can do that for you.

So it is, after all, said, you should know by now that a swimming pool in your own house in not only a necessity but a facility. You don’t have to think twice before thinking for a swim. You’ll improve your social skill and your fitness. What else is more necessary than your health! Swimming pools help you remain fit and healthy.